A project designed for young remote girls and women groups to aware, engage and empower them with better menstrual health service. Most girls in remote areas are illiterate and out of good health service facilities both for lack of infrastructure and cultural barriers. In order to tackle this, we want to mobilize local organizations led by an aware group of people at the community level.

As a part of piloting, we have already reached 3 community schools around Pokhara, the western part of Nepal with awareness campaigns and homemade menstrual pads making training. The general outline of our project includes:

Day 1: We reach a targeted community and coordinate with a local school, women group or local administrative office and NGO (if there is any existing already)

Day 2: We collect young girls and their parents and aware them with the importance of menstrual hygiene

Day 3: We train them with a sanitary pad making workshop


This directly helps young girls to have better menstrual health. They will continue going to the school with sanitary pads and follow up of the program will be taken in communication and cooperation with local institutions. We are aiming to reach over 2000 people through this project in the removal communities of Nepal.