On the 35th session of Cheers Talk, the renowned novelist Aamar Nyaupane was invited as the guest of honor by Cheers Nepal. Amar neupane the writer of “ Seto Dharti” , “Karadau Kastuari”, gave an interview about his childhood, his novels and how he created those fantastic works.
The program started sharply at 2 PM. The writer was welcomed with one of the verses of his infamous novel “Seto Dharti” by Sudip Adhikari, host of 35th Cheers Talk session. As the program proceeded we came to know about the inspiration of the novels and got some glimpses of his childhood. The homely environment that he explained on his novel “Karadu Kasturi” was actually the description of his own home.
The inspiration of “Seto Dharti”, was the one to cry for. Once Nyaupane was on a bus returning home from a journey where he overheard an old woman talking on the phone with her son. The old woman had been living in Devghat for 20 years and till that period of time her son had not once come to visit her. She was begging him to come visit her and even offered him to pay all the expenses on his arrival. Nyaupane was saddened by this and decided to write a novel regarding the old people like the aama. Hence Seto Dharti was created.
He was not a very bright kid during his school age. He was shy and didn’t dare ask a question to his teacher though he had many questions fluttering around his head nor did he answer any question his teachers asked. He was very much interested in novels and poems though. His mother though uneducated knew the verses of Gita, which she used to recite to him every day and he used to cry because he thought they were beautiful. He shared his experience of meeting Madhav Parsad Ghimire and said he was his inspiration.
The program was followed by some gajalas, jokes and songs, which were an addition to the joyous moment. The audiences were asked to question the writer if they had any queries. There were many enthusiastic hands raised. There was one question on everyone’s mind “Where did you get the inspiration to write, “Seto Dharti”?” The inspiration as mentioned above saddened all of the audiences. Other questions such as “what is one fond memory that you still remember from the childhood?” were asked. He answered every question with delight. He was very friendly and down to earth.
The program was ended with handing the writer a token of love by Prem CN, Chairperson of Cheers Nepal. The audiences who had more queries stayed back and asked more questions on his novels. He told us that he had yet to write more novels on the old people. We the team of cheers Nepal bid him goodbye and thus the program ended.

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