Prem Lamichhane
Prem Lamichhane


Dear Friends,
Welcome to Cheers Family!

A lot of people ask me why ‘Cheers’? Answer is simple, cheers means happiness or celebration. It is really amazing to see people smile, and we want to see happiness radiate in the faces of all Nepalese. Often people smile but are sad within. Thus, ‘Cheers’ to turn this inner sadness to spread happiness and celebrate lives. That is the secret behind our unique name.

Cheers is fuelled by the democratic practices in the country. When we make all democratic practices run smoothly in the country, we won’t have to suffer the consequences of monarchy, panchayat, nepotism, and feudalism as we have faced for very long. Young Nepalese students are taught Lincoln’s definition of democracy – government of the people, by the people, for the people, but if they understand what that entails is another question. Many a times, youths are deprived of civic and moral education. We can’t expect these young people to bring about extraordinary changes without exposing them to all democratic processes and practices.

The literacy rate in the country is increasing but intelligence seems to be at decline. Unless, we fail to maintain the balance between knowledge and intelligence, we aim to reach nowhere. We can’t expect to grow and prosper without investing in youths. How many youth are aware of different democratic practices in Nepal? How many vote willingly, and with right information? Only few vote independently. A large crowd truly lacks civic awareness. And we want to change this, we want young people like us to have access to information, and vote for the right reasons. We hope to strengthen people’s belief in the power of democratic practices.

Finally, let’s join hand in hand together and be the change that we seek for our country. Better late than never, let’s not run after spurious sense of accomplishment but unite to serve the nation. These democratic practices will grow into a system that allows everyone to play by the rules.

Thank you and Cheers for Growing Life.