Our History

We started as youth group in early 2014 with the name ‘Cheers Network’ which basically aimed at networking with right young people to bring smile on the innocent faces of people which would lead positive changes in the country through small initiatives. We started with zero funding but as our activities increased, more and more youths joined¬† our hands. We were able to reach out to the thousands of young people via social sites like Facebook and Twitter. We started connecting and partnering with several other groups and organizations and worked collectively on different issues involving youth empowerment and civic awareness. Some of our earlier activities includes Cheers Talk, Cheers PRO, Reveal your Power, Cheers in Action, and many more. We reached several parts of the country with these activities, connected thousands of active youths, collaborated with partners, organizations and supporters.

We got registered “Cheers Nepal” as NGO in 24 December, 2014 in Kathmandu with the board members from different regions and backgrounds of Nepal.

Our legal status:

  • Organization Name: Cheers Nepal
  • Registration number: 452
  • Affiliation: Social Welfare Council, Lainchaur, Kathmandu
  • PAN number: 603031308