After the 7.8 magnitude-devastating earthquakes, Nepal suffers a lot, over 9000 people have been died and over half millions of people become homeless. In this tuff condition, the mostly vulnerable group is children group whom were witnessed that their parents have been died in front of them and they witnessed that their houses been collapsed. It might be certainly hit children’s mind very deeply and to make them feel okay and let them reintegrated to family again and back to normal life, this council camp could be best and fruitful.

By addressing all these things, we Living NEPAL in partnership with Cheers Nepal a local NGO in Nepal which is dedicated to work in the child and youth sector are working in counselling parts.


The working mechanism of council camp:

After driving 6 hour from Kathmandu we will reach at Kalikasthan from where we will separate for specific places or schools with our educational stuffs, four group with 2 each member will go to particular schools and complete the following tasks:

1.To give brief orientation session to every volunteer regarding the program schedule

2.Every volunteer’s team will leave for schools

3.At first, we will gather all the students and give brief introduction about us and also, we will hear from them as well.

4.secondly, we play different out door and normal games with children so that they can be familiar with us and that makes us to be trustworthy friends of them.

5.Then we will give them individual and group counselling regarding on related issues i.e. we let them tell jokes, sing a song or let them show all the talents they got also we will motivate them from different way.

6.To connect body and mind we train them to do meditation which helps them to feel more peace and prosperous from inside.

  1. Art for all: In this session, we will let them use their creativity and express their feeling through making drawings, arts and colouring and also, we will reward the best drawings.

8.we will deliver moral education to children that what are their duties and responsibilities also how they can contribute in nation building.

9.we will interact with kids that how we can cope in difficult situation and also about to be more responsible for our nation.

10.lastly, we will distribute all the educational material like; copy, pen, pencil and other stationary items

This is our tentative plan for each school and we will focus specially on counselling the kids and providing basic educational materials.


General Data collected from Saramthali, Syaphru, Briddim, Thuman, Timure

-Affected houses (98percent)

-Total death in district 489 and hundreds of missing still

Total Number of schools :15

Higher secondary=5(220 students)

Secondary-4 (130 students)

Primary –9(200 students)


-most of them are collapsed

-temporary construction has been started

-No regular classes started

-No books, stationary items

-No black Boards

-No library materials

-Most of the kids are badly traumatized and they are mentally unstable

-Families are living under tarpaulins and most of them are out of good sanitation and hygiene

One of the mostly vulnerable groups is children group who witnessed this earthquake by themselves. It has certainly hit children’s mind very deeply and are badly traumatized to see their own family member’s dead bodies, collapsed houses and schools and others.

To bring them into normal life and in order to accomplish this goal, Cheers Nepal and Living NEPAL are connected as a partner to organize Trauma camp for these kids.

This letter certifies that “Living Nepal” a legal organization of Barcelona, Spain has agreed to provide 2500€ for Cheers Nepal, legal NGO of Kathmandu, Nepal for organizing Trauma Camp for Rasuwa district for 15 schools. The money shall be used to buy stationery goods, sports materials and transportation cost. Cheers Nepal shall take the lead of this project in permanent collaboration with Living NEPAL.

Our Approach:

-1 day (4-hours) camp at each school

– giving counselling (psycho-social camp)

-Teaching sanitation and hygiene

-Story telling

-Organizing different games and increasing participants

-Working commonly to build temporary toilet

-Supporting needy kids with educational materials i.e. story\comic books, bags, copies, pen\pencils and other necessity things

-Providing day meal for all the children

What we need

-Logistic support

-Stationary, library material, sports material

-hygienic material i.e. soap, hand sanitizer, pads and phenyl

-Day meal for kids i.e. dry foods and others

We will also work as partners in future for upcoming projects.

After completion of this project Cheers Nepal will submit a proper and systematic report and also the audited report from the certificate charter accountant and all the photos that have been taken.

After completing the camp Cheers Nepal will give complete report of daily activities in Rasuwa and also will provide all the photos and details. Also, will send all updates about the projects with the details where we utilized the money and supplies. Will also update via our website, facebook page and other media with the names in supporting list.

Daily Assessment of Trauma Camp, Rasuwa


Day #1

6-12 AM- Reached Gombu Danda

12-2 PM- Had lunch, preparation for camp

2-6 PM-Camp at Narayan Primary School, Jibjibe

Day #2

7-11 AM- Camp at Dhunge Lower Secondary School, Dhunge

11-2- Lunch, preparation, etc

2-6 PM-Camp at Kalika High School, Kalikasthan

Day #3

7-11 AM- Camp at Gautam Buddha Secondary School, Saramthali

11-2- Lunch, preparation, etc

2-6 PM-Camp at Larchang Primary School, Larchang

Day #4

6-10 AM- Camp at Green Garden School, Timure

10-11- Lunch, preparation, etc

11-3 PM-Camp at Namuna Primary School, Serseu

3-7 PM- Back to Kathmandu




What we did in 4 hours?

  • hour- Psycho social counselling by experts (experience sharing, storytelling, etc.)
  • hour- organized arts competition (using different colours)

2-3 hour- organized games for kids

3-4 hour- prizes to the best art, game winner and stationery goods for all. We also took photos and organizes school general cleaning after the program as a closing ceremony of the camp.

-we bought each schools with stationery items for 200 students and remaining essentials were hand over to the principal.

Please Note:

-We wanted to organize Trauma Relief Camp at 15 schools (2 in each  days for 7 days previously) but since our budget was half, we organized the camp only for 7 schools in 4 days altogether (don’t get misunderstood, I have made you clear already).

-You can’t imagine how hard we worked to make it went so well (we are one of very very few who reached to the grassroots people and organized the program)

-Every schools (teachers, parents liked and encouraged and supported our programs and and students really enjoyed and gained learned a lot from this camp.

What next?

-we want to organize the similar camp in remaining 8 schools also which we set

-Schools are in need of library materials (books, computers, etc)

-Principals and locals wants us to sponsor kids with their education especially to those who have lost their both the parents.

-we also want to start campaign/project again child trafficking especially in Kathmandu valley.