Youth Parliament

For the first time in Nepal, Cheers Nepal started Youth Parliament in Nepal as a common youth platform for youth to take part actively in civic and national issues of the country. It is for young people to see how the legislative branch of the government functions. This platform gives platform for youth to discuss and debate presenting different civic and national issues surrounding social, political, and economic areas.


  • To create a common platform for youths to participate actively on different civic and national issues.
  • To help youths learn about the functioning of parliament and prepare youths to become a successful future leaders.
  • To advocate, promote and encourage good governance, accountability, transparency, and rule of law.

Our Achievements: 

We have led different sessions youth parliament partnering with UNDP Nepal and Toni Hagen Foundation in Kathmandu and beyond. Over 100 youth participated actively on each session who were selected through tough competition. Some of the issues were; unitary vs federal system, election based on size of population, quota system, role of youth in politics, citizenship. etc. We run these events exactly like our real parliamentary functions. Youth presents their ideas based on research with desirable solutions for the particular issue in the parliamentary meeting.

In some events, we also invited constitution experts where they shed light on the ideas, provisions and others issues as per the law, and clarified the provisions of newly drafted constitution. We are expecting to reach this project into all 7-states of Nepal in near future connecting larger partners and organizations.